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MEUS Law provides comprehensive assistance with issues surrounding the passing of a loved one, ensuring that their affairs are handled with care and expertise. From navigating real estate matters to facilitating the transfer of life insurance benefits, our team is equipped to address various aspects of estate settlement.


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How Can I Minimize Estate Taxes and Ensure Loved Ones Receive More of My Assets

How to Give Through Estate Planning

Even though your estate planning documents are legal documents, they can also be a parting letter to your family and friends. Before you embark on your estate planning journey, sit down and think about where you want your money to go. Many times in the estate planning process, other issues are covered earlier on and the asset distribution is something discussed later on. But thinking about it ahead of time will help you make sure that one of the most important things about estate planning (who receives your money when you pass) is accomplished just as you wish.


This book is designed to help you think creatively and hopefully you will meet with an attorney who frequently handles estate planning issues who can further brainstorm with you on the best way for you to give to those people or organizations you wish.

Trusts: Explained and Illustrated

Trusts are a crucial estate planning tool, allowing individuals to dictate asset distribution without court involvement. Unlike wills, which may lead to court administration, trusts ensure assets are distributed as desired. In modern estate planning, wills often serve as backup to trusts, known as pour-over wills, to include overlooked assets.


This book offers insight into trusts, their functions, and their beneficiaries.

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