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Welcome to the MEUS Law Podcast, where legal insights meet real-world applications. Join us as we dive into a diverse range of topics, exploring the intricacies of the law, providing expert guidance, and sharing stories of triumph and transformation. We aim to empower you with insider knowledge and unique perspectives, making the legal landscape more accessible and relevant to your life.

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Estate Planning

We decode complex concepts and help you safeguard your legacy. Learn from our experts about strategies to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones.


We navigate the complexities of litigation with determination and expertise, sharing tales of courtroom triumphs, legal strategies, and advice on resolving disputes.

Business Law

Gain expert insights into the intricacies of contract negotiations, intellectual property, and legal considerations for entrepreneurs and business owners of all industries.

Legal Lessons

We explore various legal topics that impact your daily life. From understanding your rights to navigating family law matters, we provide practical insights.

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Our Host

Tom Sullivent, Attorney

Meet Tom Sullivent, your trusted legal guide and host of the MEUS Law Podcast. With years of experience as a seasoned attorney specializing in estate planning, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast. Known for his passion for educating and empowering individuals, Tom is dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical advice to help listeners navigate the complexities of the legal world with confidence. Tom’s commitment to justice and his ability to simplify complex legal matters make him the perfect guide on your legal journey.


Tune in to the MEUS Law Podcast and join Tom as he shares his insights, stories, and expertise to help you make informed decisions and protect what matters most.


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Tune in to the MEUS Law Podcast, and let us be your trusted source for legal insights, guidance, and inspiration. Whether you’re planning for the future, facing legal challenges, or simply curious about the law, our podcast is here to inform and empower you. Subscribe today, and embark on a journey of legal discovery with MEUS Law.

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