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Here at MEUS Law, we are focused on the client experience.

We have simplified the Estate Planning Process – eliminating the uncertainty and the stress that comes along with it. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a clear, efficient process where you not only understand your plan but leave with a plan that will withstand the test of time.

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What sets meus law apart

Small Dedicated Group

Although we are labeled as a "boutique" law firm we think that term sounds stuffy. We are friendly, approachable, and we firmly believe in putting the interests of our clients front and center.

Long Term Experience

Tom Sullivent has been practicing since 1996. We have been in court a lot, and we have seen both the benefits of proper planning and the messes, anger, and sadness due to the failure to plan.

Narrow Area of Focus

We are focused on planning for death, disability, businesses, and asset protection. Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Electric Document Signing

Our clients can easily and securely sign legal documents from anywhere at any time, removing the need for in-person meetings or physically mailing documents.


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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the primary focus at MEUS Law. Our extensive experience has shown us that assisting clients in their planning journey is far more advantageous than rectifying the aftermath.

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Issues at Passing

MEUS Law provides support to families who are dealing with the aftermath of a loved one's passing and are left without proper estate planning. We help your family plan and assist in avoiding probate.

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Trust Actions

MEUS Law works to help you resolve different disputes related to life insurance and retirement accounts, as well as litigations arising from improper distribution of proceeds.

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Business & Personal Litigation

MEUS Law offers both personal and business litigation services for legal representation of individuals and companies involved in legal disputes.



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Why choose MEUS Law? + -

We are a small team, but we are a team. Standalone attorneys get overwhelmed, go on vacation or get sick. If that happens, their system breaks down. Large firms just have too much overhead and charge too much. We feel like our team is the right balance, experienced and efficient, allowing us to keep our prices lower even though our services are superior.

Where Do We Practice? + -

We currently serve all of Oklahoma.

What is Estate Planning? + -

While a significant part of estate planning involves planning for one’s death, which could involve a will, a trust, or some other method to assist in the transfer of their assets after their death, it also consists of planning for disability. Planning for disability can be as simple as determining who would assist you in the event you become disabled and how you would be assisted. It can also be much more complex and involve planning such as Medicaid planning, which involves finding ways to preserve your assets in the event you have to go to assisted living or some form of long-term care. The person assisting you with the planning needs to not only be somewhat experienced in this type of planning, but experienced in what happens if the planning is not done. For example, the various types of court proceedings and experience with the government organizations that could be involved. The planning is done to help people and their families avoid these court hearings and any difficulties associated with government organizations.

What is Probate? + -

Probate is the process that a family goes through if a loved one has passed away while owning an asset in their individual name, failed to have co-owners who are considered joint tenants, and/or failed or were unable to list beneficiaries on the asset. This usually involves hiring an attorney as the petition must be filed in court and the probate rules, which are complex, must be followed.

Can we meet remote? + -

Absolutely. Our office is set up to meet with you via phone or online video platform.

Can we sign documents electronically? + -

Yes, Oklahoma recently enacted the "Remote Online Notary Act" which allows us to utilitze a specialized platform for all of our signing needs.

DIY? + -

The legal system is complex and very unforgiving. Many individuals and families have found themselves in difficult situations due to a lack of knowledge about the law or an inability to research and understand it. If you don't know the law well enough or don't have access to the resources needed to properly research and understand it, then you should not attempt to create legal documents on your own. Doing so could result in serious legal problems down the road that could have been avoided with proper guidance from an experienced attorney. It's always best to seek out professional help when dealing with legal matters, so that you can ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are represented.

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