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What sets meus law apart

Small Dedicated Group

Although we are labeled as a "boutique" law firm we think that term sounds stuffy. We are friendly, approachable, and we firmly believe in putting the interests of our clients front and center.

Long Term Experience

Tom Sullivent has been practicing since 1996. We have been in court a lot, and we have seen both the benefits of proper planning and the messes, anger, and sadness due to the failure to plan.

Narrow Area of Focus

We are focused on planning for death, disability, businesses, and asset protection. Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Electric Document Signing

Our clients can easily and securely sign legal documents from anywhere at any time, removing the need for in-person meetings or physically mailing documents.

Based in Tulsa, Serving All of Oklahoma


Non-Trust Package

  • Traditional Will(s)
  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Vehicle Transfer
  • Transfer on Death Deed (TOD Deed) - to name beneficiaries of a piece of real estate - usually the residence
  • Additional TOD Deeds and modifications to business operating agreements - additional charge
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Designation of Guardian

Trust Package

  • Trust-Individual or Joint Trust-couple
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of Trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Deed (deed one piece of real estate to your Trust - usually the residence)
  • Additional deeds and business assignments - additional charge
  • Will(s)
  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Designation of Guardian
  • Vehicle Transfer



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