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At MEUS Law, we offer comprehensive legal services across various practice areas to meet your diverse needs. Whether you’re securing your legacy, navigating complex business transactions, or seeking legal justice, our team is here to provide expert guidance and dedicated representation. Trust MEUS Law to advocate for your rights and interests with integrity and professionalism. 


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What Are the Key Differences Between a Living Trust and a Will in Estate Planning

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Tulsa Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the primary focus at MEUS Law. Our extensive experience has shown us that assisting clients in their planning journey is far more advantageous than rectifying the aftermath.

Probate Attorney in Tulsa

Issues at Passing

MEUS Law provides support to families who are dealing with the aftermath of a loved one's passing and are left without proper estate planning. We help your family plan and assist in avoiding probate.

Catoosa Estate Attorney

Trust Actions

MEUS Law works to help you resolve different disputes related to life insurance and retirement accounts, as well as litigations arising from improper distribution of proceeds.

Tulsa Estate Plan

Business & Personal Litigation

MEUS Law offers both personal and business litigation services for legal representation of individuals and companies involved in legal disputes.

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